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Abundance Mentality



In this article I will be talking about taking the scarce opportunities to build abundance.

First lets explain what scarcity and abundance mentality is.

Scarcity mentality :People believe that we must make choices between different items because the resources necessary to fulfill their wants are limited e.g. from women in their life to jobs people hate.

Abundance mentality: This belief is that there is more than enough to go around and there are many many situations for different experiences in life. In my opinion some people may take this statement and get the wrong idea which can hinder their growth in life.I will go on to explain why in a little bit more detail e.g. I will do it later or next year is just plain old excuses.

Image waking up and feeling this thick cloud of emotions being your driving force in life that’s what alot of people feel every day with regret of not living up to their full potential.Opportunities in life come in tiny little windows if you don’t take chances and risks then you might end up like some of my friends or my personal nightmare dream scenario.


Society expects us to get that job, family,house, kids and so called security we need for retirement when we can’t actually function because we are too damn old and maybe even back in diapers. My personal nightmare scenario is waking up in low middle class suburbia opening my eyes to wake up in my double bed and see that I have a whale for wife and I go to the bathroom and I look at myself in the mirror to see I now look like Chris Farley’s stunt double. I go down the stairs get breakfast which is usually high processed fatty foods because I am just surviving and not thriving (being broke is what I am used to) it gives me no energy for the day and my blood pressure is through the roof because I don’t exercise, I eat crap and I am stressed all the time due to my work consisting of sitting down all day pushing paper for a boss I hate.

For the day ahead I call my kids down get the unhealthy breakfast ready and see they are just as fat as me no surprise there really then I take my three obese children in the minivan to school before I go to work while my wife lays in bed and stays home to “look after the house” . Drop off the kids where they get bullied for being fat and have poor grades due to their diet and no hobbies or interest because all we do on weekends and on nights is watch TV and don’t self-educate ourselves or do any sports. I sit down next to my whale for a wife in the living room after a crap day at work. I hang out mostly with my wife and her friends on occasion because I am so needy and have few friend who my wife likes. I sit there in the living room and think to myself WHERE DID IT ALL GO SO WRONG.

Getting off track a little but the reason I personally use this dream scenario and image to leverage this fear to achieve my success is because it scares the shit out of me that you could live like that and it helps blast through most of my resistance to change my attitude now for the better and achieve the success I want in my personal development. I want to travel the world, meet different cultures, make new friends across the world and build my own business empire. I want to help others in lifestyle development and motivation and to build myself to live life like a epic movie.

“Never complain, never explain, just let your actions speak for themselves.” – Benjamin Disraeli

There are opportunities in life to have fun experiences like go skydiving have that hot girlfriend but above abundance there is scarcity so when do you see through opportunities and take action for your:

  • Relationships
  • Job opportunities
  • Life prospects
  • General Health

If you have a success barriers then it might make you think there is plenty of time to do whatever you want you will rationalize not going on that trip to travel around Europe that year, not starting that blog, not starting that online business. People always come up with excuses and sit at the pub and say they have the best idea ever but don’t implement it and see it on the shelf a few weeks later. I will go next year or I will do it later mentality will never mean you produce results and action. I have friends like that who stay in there little town and village and don’t broaden their experiences and expand their businesses.

I know friends who are basically being whipped by their girlfriend and the lad has her friends as his social circle now. He wants her to dictate his reality and what he does.If his girlfriend is doing something for the day he will call me up to say ‘I have no plans today what are you up to’. Its quite sad really I have called him out on this several times but he just can’t hear me out so now I just don’t hang out with him anymore because he doesn’t do anything exciting from my standpoint.

You choose your friends and you should be busy doing exciting things and seeking new experiences:

  • Traveling
  • Building new relationships
  • Exercising and eating healthy
  • Going to different events and festivals
  • Growing businesses and networking

“The Superior man is modest in speech but exceeds in his actions.” – Confucius

If you’re young and you have the energy to take risks and get shit done now there is no excuses because when you hit your 40s your dick will be shriveled and you will have less energy (only joking by the way) but seriously you should be grafting your arse off in your 20s. Find a way to have the resources for having abundance to have different experiences to live a fulfilling life. It is not an ego trick its about being awake being excited to wake up you don’t want to be that guy same day, same job, same routine, same shit each day and have friends that suck the juice out and leech your life away and you don’t want to be thinking to yourselves WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED.

Rewire your scarcity mentality that has been taught to you


1.F**k mediocrity learn to love the grind

Your not allowed to sleep away your life and have limiting beliefs, regrets and resistance that urge you to chill be a bland guy, go now and take the scarce opportunity.  Freud said humans protect themselves against pain in three ways: diversion, substitute gratifications, and intoxication. The weekend warriors, 6 Second Abs buyers and mass media TV couch junkies.  Don’t be these guys better yourself be indispensable to the people around you as Seth Godin says in his book Linchpin which I recommend by the way.

2.Don’t be a pussy about failure

Fail early, fail fast, keep going and move forward as long as you keep moving forward each day, week and month you will succeed and achieve the lifestyle you want.

3. Never give-up on your dreams

Its all about consistent effort and never giving up Its not about the end goal yes there should be an end goal but take on this epic journey to success and enjoy every moment of your trials and tribulations. In order to achieve greatness you shouldn’t give up keep trying and testing. The ones who change the world believed in themselves e.g. Thomas Edison,The Wright Brothers, Steve jobs and Galileo etc.

4. Learn something new everyday 

Injecting knowledge everyday will make you stronger go to bed every day a little wiser by reading, listening, learning about the history of the world , read fiction and about business, finance and great thinkers.

5. Give value to your friends, family and work 

Be determined, have drive, take risks and above all increase your value and worth to the world.

“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.”

– Dale Carnegie

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