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The Negativity Effect


Would you consider yourself a success or a failure? Your answer to that question is one of the most important things that will determine how you will live your life. It can shape our life’s more powerfully than genetics or drugs. You have to admit to yourself where you are at in life and step up and make a commitment to improve everyday. You will not solve a decade of damage with a little trick or with a pill It is going to be a lifelong dedication to change habits and routines.

The Winner Effect: The Science of Success and How to Use It  I would recommend which deals with habits and routines of winners. However what if you saw yourself as a loser in life  its just not a good mindset to be having always consistently evaluating actions and behaviours for example not getting into that prestigious university because you got bad grades don’t let that shit get you down. If you are negative about life and you feel that life is toxic and boring just by living then you would just lay in bed all day and not give a fuck about others proprieties in your day to day because of this constant haze and cloud of negativity . This can be managed and changed with small routine changes and habit building/creating.

The Dark Knight Rises

The greatest part of life I think is having the glory of rising up from that pit of despair. Bruce Wayne when he crawls out of the pit in ‘Dark Knight Rises’ can be used as a metaphor in this case where he essentially has to climb and crawls up to make it out off the prison some people can relate to that when they are depressed with extreme negativity and bad self-talk . Bruce Wayne is physically and psychologically broken and watching his life fall apart before his eyes in throughout the film.

It is hard for some people who don’t have the mental leverage to kick themselves out of bed or even normally socialise and motivate yourself to not wanting your life to be shitty and down.There is some guys who hate it but others who embrace the negativity and it makes them go to a bad dark place which is very bad. Bruce Wayne in the beginning of the movie he has lost his passion and motivation. He gets everything stripped away and hits rock bottom. For him to find that inner strength and strive from fear of death and giving up to a stupid low state of mind such as negative feelings is enough for him to rise up again.


“Everything Negative – pressure, challenges – is all an opportunity for me to rise.” – Kobe Bryant

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