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Finding Your Purpose In Life


I thought I would start by quoting Osho an indian mystic, guru and spiritual teacher. The quote represents why I started this website in the first place and will continue to write on it each day if possible.

“The greatest fear in the world is of the opinions of others. And the moment you are unafraid of the crowd you are no longer a sheep, you become a lion. A great roar arises in your heart, the roar of freedom.” – Osho

So why is it important for men to find ?

Well you should be building a life that makes you happy and makes you excited to wake up to get to work. A life that has enough complexity that makes you think you’re the star of your own epic movie.  You do have to work your ass off to become a successful badass but living life with purpose should be part of that path to freedom and success.

Success comes through living your life with a purpose and keeping with your mission If people don’t like that and then they can fuck off. You’re going to die one day there are friends, family and girlfriends that don’t want you to change become a better version of yourself as Elliott Hulse would say. You might think a girlfriend saying I love your beer belly baby is fine but really deep down she hates it and a few months down the line she says you don’t look after yourself so she leaves you……..funny right but look at yourself in the mirror each an everyday for a few minutes and  if you don’t like what you see then change it.

Don’t take shit from people who say don’t improve yourself.

I tell my friends that I read and listen books and successful people e.g. millionaires, self-help gurus, psychologists etc. Some laugh they don’t understand that education begins after you finish school. Forget the naysayers and people who belittle you trying to grow yourself. The majority think that there is no need to improve themselves anymore because they got the certificate that says they are smart…..WRONG.

Theses types of people walk through life reacting to the environment and some get imposed values and opinions on them by society and become the consumers and not the producers. When you have a purpose you have personal boundaries about what you will and won’t allow into your life .  I try to improve myself each day whether writing, reading, listening and learning like Charlie Munger says go to bed a little wiser than before you woke up. I write articles for this website to keep a journal of what I am learning through my self-education.

Don’t lack personal boundaries have high standards and don’t be permission seeking.

This makes you less of sheep and not just another cog you in the wheel instead you become the wheel by having personal boundaries and standards of what you won’t accept. This will help you be more grounded and congruent. It will eliminate procrastination and self-gratification things that don’t bring any value in your life.

Its easy to say that you don’t give a fuck. People who use escapism saying they are going to die someday so you should just do coke, get drunk and go to the clubs each day and have a hedonistic view e.g. woohooo life is one big party or my favorite saying “whoever dies with the most toys wins” I laugh at those statements because we all die broke and there is enough security in the cemetery for you there so take opportunities and risks to better yourselves and the world around you to leave a legacy and to be remembered.

No heroes die with a tombstone saying he died popping coke and living a life thats mediocre. The ones who are truly great live life for virtues that are more than oneself.

There is nothing you can buy with money that gives you that feeling of walking your own path and being exciting to wake up each day and lifting that dark cloud away seeing that you’re not dependent on anyone and seeking permission to live your life.

Be free from outcome and shift from the good little professional to being a fucking wild man alpha. Find the freedom that comes from being in charge of yourself. Some people are preoccupied with what others think and how they are going to judge you. Don’t just do shit for approval e.g. going to college because your parents want you too, taking that “secure” job that is boring as hell but safe and that your girlfriend approves off. Just let go and become more free. Some guys you can tell from there mannerisms they have a certain quality about them that they are unstifled and live life with intent e.g. Russell Brand, Rockstars, Tai Lopez etc have that certain energy of freedom and purpose.

Become that identity you want in your own movie.

In life you will have a existential crisis this can be in many forms such as in you 20s ( Quarter crisis) and in your late 40s (Mid- Life). For me personally in my 20s seeking questions of what I should do in life and seeking purpose and keeping to my mission is a battle. Being all nihilistic, existentialist and pessimistic won’t help you in your path just find out what drives you and roll with it.

The rule to life is too trust yourself dig deep, deep down and do what you want to do.Go outside of your comfort zone don’t listen to that inner critic and its sometimes good to listen to your gut feelings. The only way you’re going to get better is breaking some rules and failing forward. Be committed and determined walk the walk and not just talk about it and don’t just be a self-help junkie looking for your next fix of gratification e.g. law of attraction bullshit and visualizing the belief you can succeed is one thing but having a stable strategy and an organised way to produce results by having a positive effect on large number of people is the way to become successful.

Sometimes you may be paralysed by fear of failure and the opinion of others which in the past affected me many times and look where that got me broke, unemployed and depressed.

Move pass that shit and listening to yourself not your inner critic, get out of your comfort zone and take action.  You may have inner conflicts to resolve but try find something valuable that you want to achieve and take small steps. As Tai lopez says be a sculptor and chip away at your mission in life don’t be that guy waiting for your lottery ticket to win it never does.

Think of your heroes who took action and believed in themselves and didn’t sit on their dreams. Instead they hustled their arses off. Here is a few I look up to:

  • Michael Jordan
  • Richard Branson
  • Bruce Lee
  • Che Guevara
  • Albert Einstein

Find your own inspirations and have a drive that motivate you I don’t care if its money, your competitiveness or to get laid alot find something that makes you want to succeed.

Living life with purpose and improving your lifestyle will have by products because you are more passionate, happy and have motivation. If you worked your arse off to be physically fit and healthy, financially independent, good with women, self-educate yourself everyday and become a modern day renaissance man.  A guy like that to the world has alot of value and has his shit together. A guy who has transformed themselves from limiting habits and behaviour to an identity that is so badass that you are so unstifled and have shifted in beliefs and done the internal work to be the man you want can achieve anything.

Some guys out their are looking for shortcuts e.g. get rich quick schemes, 4 hour work weeks, 3 minute abs etc but you have to put in the hard work there is no shortcuts.

Its like skipping to the end of the film at the cinema you miss out on his struggles and triumphs throughout his journey in the film. Mass media do this all the time with their headlines and stories on success stories of millionaires.

Start projecting yourself better than you could in your past and blast through resistance of saying what’s not on your mind  and go through life with your own intent and  mission not other peoples wishes, shoulds and musts. Do what you want to do and get out of your fucking head and self-image. Thats how society makes you unstifled I am not saying thats wrong but do what you want not because society and others dictate it.

You should be thinking where do you want to go, live and how you’re going to get there. Get a vision board or blank journal/ dairy, get a whiteboard in your room to write your goals and get motivational posters. Great people all wrote down their goals and planned ahead.

Its not an easy path its not from A to B its going to be A to Z its fucking hard work Rome wasn’t built in day.

True Happiness….is not attained through self-gratification, but through fidelity to a worthy purpose – Hellen Keller


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