Whats The Point of Life


There is no point. 

“We must imagine Sisyphus happy.” – Albert Camus

We are all here in this world to provide something back. I am not sure what that is exactly you must find your own answers and path but a stoical answer would be we were born of this age so we best make the most of it.

We are the lucky ones who from birth didn’t die after a few days of being born. We were the chosen ones from millions of others sperm cells. We see the world through the eyes of our own reality and see our own spectrum of thoughts and images that no one else’s experiences.

We cannot choose our circumstances.


We can choose our attitudes it is simply a choice you make.

Your Attitude. Your choice . Choose Wisely.

“Life is the movie you see through your own eyes . It makes little difference what’s happening out there. It’s how you take it that counts.” – Denis Waitley

You have to believe you are capable of achieving success its all mindset. However there are millions of others just like you.

We can choose at any moment how we will behave and how we will interact with the world.

To become great to stand out we must learn to stand out among many.

We are the ones who decide if we want to become our own hero.

Heroes aren’t born they are made with discipline, honor, strength, mastery and courage.

Men aren’t born weak they become weak by their own free-will by their own minds and bodies.

“To different minds, the same world is a hell, and a heaven.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

We are the prime movers of our own reality. We surround ourselves with the people we choose to be with, we eat the food we choose, we sleep when we choose, we do the things we choose etc.You could say we are computer engineer molding, programming and creating our own world. You can become your Neo in your own matrix.

You are your own film character in your own movie.

You are your own hero in your own video game.

So make it an epic movie.

Make it an epic video game.

You could be great if you decide to be.

“The purpose of a man is in action, not in thought”  – Thomas Carlyle

Enough is enough take action.

No more bullshit living a life not to your fullest potential.

Don’t Live a life of quiet desperation.

Stand up strong and talk straight.

Speak your mind and live your dreams.

Change happens with ONE choice and ONE decision.

The one choice is to take action.

“The History of free men is never written by chance,but by choice – their choice” – Dwight. D. Eisenhower

The one decision is to change and keep moving forward.

“It’s not happening to you now or what has happened in your past that determines who you become. Rather, its your decisions about what to focus on. what things mean to you, and what you’re going to about them that will determine your ultimate destiny” – Anthony Robbins

I am my own man free to live a life I choose.

I choose not to bow down to any person but live free and live as a king.

My life should be epic like in movies and videos games.

Trials and tribulations can come my way.

I will keep moving forward on until I am a battle hardened veteran of the great war.

The great war of life.

I am ready for battle at any time. I am a soldier of life who has risen from defeats  and failures of many battles from the war of life and have overcome hardships and have a few battle scars.

Bring it all on.

Fuck what others think about you and what the naysayers and haters say. They are in your reality and you decide if they are going to part of your epic movie or not.

No one and I mean fucking no one is going to stand in your way of becoming the man you want to become not your family, friends or society. Get rid of people who are bringing you down and are negative.

You must remember that everyone is there to help you become your own hero on this magical journey of self-discovery and path to the good life but life ponders no man.

“If you always do what you have always done, you’ll always get what you always got”

Men should always be ready for the battles of the great war of life. They stand up to fight for what is a worthy cause.

A cause so great the passion runs deep and shows with fire in belly roaring strong within him. The fact is the victory isn’t only in the mind. However, the mind is driven by energetic passion.

Fuel your passion.

Keep the passion burning strong within you. Passion is the fire in the belly raging and smoldering. Even if there are barely lit embers, you can fan the flames with love, wealth, health and happiness that you have in your own life.

Commit yourself to become a person who lives with passion in their bellies. Being Passionate and Ferocious are part of every lion.

No man should be a sheep

Choosing apathy and mildness is what sheep do.

Sheep follow the next sheep.

They graze only where the shepherd tells them too.

Food and water is there only thought.

Survival is enough.

Lions on the other hand can thrive and be free.

Live wild, free and independent from an enforcer.

They decide the laws in their kingdom.

Men must learn to live again rewild themselves to their primal beings.

Comfort is what most men know off.

They know that everything is taken care off.

Shelter, warmth, food, water, sex and comfort for all.

Sheep have everything they need to reproduce and enjoy hedonistic values.

Life is harsh for lions. Lions know that survival of the fittest is how it is in their kingdom this is past down from generation to generation.

Lions know its a zero-sums game and that winning is the only option.

To win or to die trying.

Not to live mediocre or die trying that is not a worthy cause that is pessimistic.

Get motivated.

“If it doesn’t come from within, its doesn’t come” – Herman Cain

Motivation is what gets you started habits is what keeps you going.

Lions know they are not invincible. Immortality is not a thing a lion thinks about.A lion dies like every other form of life.  He knows its body decays with time. By being aware of time, he can try to get things done and be healthy and fit.

His death is only a tick away. A lion does not live by the clock alone.

Our mortality may perhaps be our ultimate inspiration and motivation.

They try to live the good life and become heroes worthy of remembrance for their prides.

Each day they grow wiser before they sleep with a few simple disciplines practiced every day.

For without discipline one would not survive.

Each day they learn from the wise ones of the group and give others their gratitude and respect.

Because without a war of wise counsellors.

No learnt experiences and dangers comes death.

A lions greatness is not as an individual but as a group of fellow lions changing the lives of many.

Alone lion is a dead lion. One lone lion has no future.

A lion who becomes great can spread the reward of greatness around.

If you view life like you are a lion in the wild then a sense of urgency would be upon you. Life would be about thriving and helping your pride grow and expand. Leaving a hero’s legacy you desire to leave behind.

Instead of coping which many of us do day to day.

We must bring out the lion.

“No man is free who is not a master of himself” – Epictetus

There is lions among sheep in this urban jungle but we must bring it out to show the world.

Use a few simple disciplines each an every day to live life to your fullest potential and live a life which you are excited to wake up for everyday .

Book of the day

Choose Yourself – James Altucher 

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