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My Mind to Me a Kingdom Is


I contemplate this kingdom that is my mind. How one can go into flow of work and life or even meditate and have a quiet mind, tranquil and peaceful.

Your mind is always guiding you even if you don’t know it. We image ourselves moving, becoming better individuals, moving forward to greater things and thinking positive thus we move unconsciously in our everyday life to an end goal in mind.

To master any skill it takes time and effort years of molding ourselves to make some of our actions at large intuitive and second nature.  The mind is your kingdom and you are the only one who can you use it in any and in all circumstances to create a destiny you desire for yourself.

To be gripped by fear and others it is your mind that makes these choices. Nothing more.

By deciding to change your mind you can start living.

Every fear you experience comes not from outside, but from how you choose to use your mind. Lifelong conditioning has happened to some extent and you most free remnants of this in order to create freedom in your kingdom.

Your kingdom is how you use your mind in the face of all these circumstances.You are the king, the ultimate ruler.

No one can make you upset without the consent of your royal mind.

No one can depress you without your permission.

No one can hurt your feelings without your decree.

Adopt the words of the poet Sir Edward Dyer describing this idea of your mind being a kingdom with an invisible you reigning within.

Practical advice:

  • If you can catch yourself getting angry ask yourself why this affects you 3 times and delve deeper to the route of the real problem.
  • Spending some time in the present and use the “power of the now” (Eckhart Tolle).
  • Contemplate your inner kingdom and refuse to allow thoughts into that sacred inner space that might pollute and invade it in anyway.
  • Repeat to yourself that nothing or no one outside you can make you unhappy without your consent and remember you are the sum of the total of number of choices you make in your mind so stay strong and live free.
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