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Things I Wish I Knew When I Was 18.


18 againWhen you’re 18 you have your whole life ahead of you. You think the world is your oyster and you can conquer and overcome anything.

If I was for some odd reason put in time machine and found that I was 18 again this is what I would be glad I knew and applied:

1) University doesn’t guarantee money and security

Its seen as something fashionable and popular now to have a degree and be underemployed and work for Starbucks or McDonald’s.

Don’t go to university for the wrong reasons if you just want to party then do that in spare time.

Don’t pick a shit degree with the ever increasing tuition fee prices. University and colleges being run like businesses these days so pick wisely what you want to be doing as your career destiny.

The climate isn’t as bad as students say ‘oh there isn’t any jobs going’ , ‘I can’t find work so I am saving for something better’ then they end up staying in shit jobs for the rest of their lives because there used to the paycheck and security. Don’t be one of those guys as Grant Cardone would say “you are your own economy” so make sure you’re not struggling instead hustle.

2) Don’t make having a good time your priority

There is a good saying for this type of person we are stoic but die epicurean .  Drugs and alcohol, videos games, tv and just general procrastinating activities shouldn’t take you away from you end-game like in chess you have to an end-goal in mind to win the game. If you want to build a life with freedom it takes determination,discipline, dedication, mindset and persistence to build a life you dream about. Embrace the grind, embrace the struggles and pain instead seeking instant gratification.

You have to hustle hard instead of watching a movie with friends tell them you’re busy, instead of spending many hours watching tv and clubbing being a consumer instead be a producer. Go work on your online money making ideas and invest in yourself.

3) Don’t make women your priority

You must have a purpose in life that drives you other than chicks and getting laid. They can be a distraction in your life.

Women need to see your a man on a mission and you have a purpose in life, and have something that is more important than her that drives you.

4) You can make money online

Yes you can make money online I read somewhere there is 500 ways to make money online

( http://www.selfmadebusinessman.com/2014/03/03/500-ways-to-make-money-online/)

that’s crazy right.

There is an abundance of opportunities to live the dream lifestyle you want you just got to hustle for it. Its not the 4 hour week its the 70 hours you put in for a few years that will be the pay off.

5) Hit the Gym

Building a physical body and strength that is strong and big will help you look better and feel good too. Exercise is good for you physically and mentally. A young guy should have a few things going for him such as high testosterone levels and high natural growth hormones. Don’t just lift weights cardio is also very important as well.

Exercise isn’t just training for your body. It’s training for your mind — and especially for your self-discipline as well. Gym is there as a stress reliever and also its not going to hurt you to look shredded with a six pack abs is it.

6) Choose your peers wisely

A lazy person, whatever the talents with which he set out, will have condemned himself to second-hand thoughts and to second-rate friends. – Cyril Connolly

Befriend and associate with the hard-working, ambitious, successful people of this world, and you’ll soon count yourself among them.

Go to meetups, networking events,  find a mastermind group online , Skype groups and individuals to help you on your adventure to having a boss life.

You must have friends who are ambitious, competitive and go getters not lazy guys who are in a scarcity mindset and just coping with life.

Not weak minded individuals who constantly play videos games and smoke weed all day just saying.  Just cut those negative whiny bitchy friends who don’t do anything of value.

Seriously you’re better off without them.

I have cut some friends due to some of the reasons above because we are all trying to walk different paths so make sure its the right one and not anyone elses.   Your path should be building you up to be a better person and providing some impact in the world so choose wisely who you hang with.

7) Make work ethic part of yourself

The idle man does not know what it is to enjoy rest, for he has not earned it. – John Lubbock

Wielding a strong work ethic is ultimately a matter of becoming an action-oriented person.

The longer you stay lazy the worst shit will get for you.

Accept responsibility for your actions.

Accept that many results require hard work.

A strong work ethic begins with a disciplined morning routine. Don’t be caught lying on your back half-conscious, dragging yourself out of bed adding to a lazy half-start to your day.

Something like the miracle morning will kick start your day with a bang.  I would strongly recommend the miracle morning By Hal Elrod and 30 Days to Discipline by Victor Pride them two together are for go-getters who want to turbo charge their life and build positive momentum.

8) Don’t bother choosing a career

When I say don’t choose a career because well half the time you will be switching jobs from sales to digital marketing to retail to bar work and administration work thats what I have found out in my 20s so a career isn’t the be all and end all kind of thing like your parents and society make it out to be.

Its the people around you that count the most if there hustlers then you will be one too. Passion comes from hustling and enjoying the grind.

9)If you need to get a job get in a sales job

You think about it sales is in everyday life it should be taught at school and at univeristy. Throughout your life you’re selling. From that girl you want to fuck so badly to the car you recommended to a friend that’s all selling.

Its crazy that people think sales people are sleazy and scammy that’s just media hype its a good job to learn persuasion and to get self-disciplined because most of the sales jobs are commission based so you got to have some self drive and commit yourself to learn the ropes and it also helps you experience failure and rejections everyday and that’s part of life.

10) No one is going to save you so believe in yourself

When I mean no one…I mean no one but yourself. You have to change yourself no one else can do that for you and hold your hand for the rest of your life. I realised that the hard way and can say its better to learn that shit early on Its you vs you. You have to have the mindset to belief in yourself that you can become a badass individual who goes after what he wants and is congruent to his lifestyle and choices and has his shit together.

11)Don’t get into debt or pay on credit

Debt is the sidewalk and should be avoided like the plague its slavery for the weak minded and sheep.

Don’t have any debt or if you do pay it off straight away. No credit cards and learn to manage your finances correctly by getting finance literate.

12) Find a mentor

You should have one mentor or ideal person you’re striving to become (similar) too. Find someone who is 10 years ahead of where you want to be and be friend that badass of an individual by offering some value to him whether that be business or some form of new friendship.

Find a way to have people who are above your level by your side that can help you in your life’s mission and purpose. Whether that’s by reading a book about them or meeting them in person you should have someone in your life who can offer advice and guidance face to face.

13)Don’t settle down or get married when you’re young

She isn’t your soulmate or the one. I saw this alot growing up from a small village settling down with a girl you slept with at secondary school because you got a here pregnant….bad move my friend.

Now you stuck there and can’t travel the world and go see other girls and live your own life.

I have seen alot of guys throw away their lives for some not even remotely hot girls. I am not trying to be shallow here but its not about looks they didn’t bring anything to the table in terms of worth e.g. guy becomes the provider while she stays at home looks after the “kids”. These young guys relationships don’t usually last and fizzle out and families break apart so a word of warning don’t be blind by your love when you’re young follow your own heart not hers.

You have to see the world before you settle down and view the marketplace for potential wives and have ton of sex before you find the girl that you click with in the sack and for marriage.

14) Your family is full of shit

They’ll tell you get a university degree, get a good secure job,  get married, have kids and retire rich.

That’s the slow way to get rich.

Who wants to retire rich in your 60s anyways when your dick can’t function and you have a chance that you might pee in your pants and can’t remember what you did yesterday. I know I want to get rich when I am young in my 20s where the world is my playground.

I am just saying don’t listen to your parents advice all the time.

It might be the completely wrong advice just go with your own gut feelings.

I know everyone wants to make their parents proud but you got your own life to lead so don’t make it not enjoyable for yourself because your parents said do this or that.

You’re a man in your prime and should grow some balls.

Personal standards about following your own path should be applied equally across the board. You wouldn’t let a friend try to bring you down so why does your family get a free pass? They don’t.

You won’t let them if you’re smart.

Look sometimes its best not to listen to mummies advice because usually they are full of shit and looking out for themselves for retirement lets face it right were selfish individuals. But one thing’s for certain they want to look good to there friends that their son is doing this or that.

100 years from now is your life really going to matter to anyone really….not unless you make it a damn well epic life worth remembering am I right or wrong?

15) World travel is possible

So many places I need to visit to see different cultures , people and adventures still to be had. I didn’t think it was even possible but I see tons of opportunities out there to travel and work.

Every once in a while do something crazy like go on the bull run to Spain, escape to Paris for the weekend with the girlfriend , go backpacking across the world with a best bud is once in a lifetime thing I should of done when I was younger and still need to do.

You have one life so make the most of it.

16) Look after your money

Become a producer not a consumer.

This phrase has stuck with me because I want to be more than the average joe. Be someone who makes more than they spends and not a guy who has a J.O.B  (just over broke). Be someone with there own business and  interests at hand. Be someone who understands basic economics and financing and knows how a  balance sheet works and can balance accounts up. Learn finance and accounting 101 so you don’t get into debt and lose money in your bank account.

17)Learn to love the grind

There is nothing better than knowing hard work pays off but first comes the discipline to grind it out and hustling like a motherfucker to make it happen. I have talked about work ethic but this is learning to love the grind means to me learning to love hard work, hustling and working in general. Motivation is after discipline. Why you may be asking?

Well for the majority of us we will spend a lot of hours at work with our  jobs so if you’re not bringing in the targets and goals at work then you’re not stacking paper.

Whether you are passionate about it or not working is part of life and society as a whole if you hate working then you’re not living so find work you love to work hard for and get excited to wake up to do.

18)Your future looks bright

No matter what people say to you. You have so much potential to become great that its scary and you don’t even realise it. You are going to waste *a lot* of time. By 25 you’re going to look back and realize you wasted thousands of hours on horrible activities and bad habits: 1) getting too drunk, 2) mindless ours on tv and the internet, 3) sleeping in, 4) dating toxic girls, 5) networking with the wrong people, 6) eating the wrong foods, 7) Staying in a job you hate.

We could go on and on…

But that doesn’t matter forget the past and be in the present and look towards your bright future.

To all those younger guys to summarise:

Try and build yourself a business offline and online, try and build your body by going to the gym  and count down those minutes to freedom. Build a social circle full of badass individuals. Wake up early and work hard on weekends thats exactly what I am doing as a Young Man. I hope my countdown to freedom will be worth the road less traveled.




Victor Pride – B&D

Steve Pavlina – Personal Development For Smart People

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