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Getting On With Shit Even If You Have Haters and Doubters


So last night I was watching Manchurian Candidate on Netflix which was actually quite an epic film.

Slightly bewildering, enchanting and weird at the same.

Its pretty funny in terms of how Denzel who plays the U.S vet soldier Bennett Marco deals with the haters and doubters.

No one believes him.

He just carries on till he sees results until he finds what he is actually looking for.

Most people don’t do that amigo.

See most people would just give up and then go bat shit crazy.

Take the pills to numb the pain because they live mediocre lives but..

In the back of their minds there is that feeling that they should find out the truth and live a life of abundance and freedom.

To summarise the film ( spoiler alert it can’t be helped though):

Crazy guy from his infantry who was on an epic mission during the war where they lost a whole army unit shows up at a boy scouts assembly.

Denzel is there telling the kiddies about their heroic U.S Senator who pretty much guns down terrorists and helicopters to save his arse and when you’re watching it you are thinking that this guy is a complete badass.

The crazy deranged guy corporal Al Melvin wants a word with Denzel about these dreams and memories he has been having and shows him his book/journal with drawings, comments for Denzel but he doesn’t believe him and thinks he has lost the plot.

A few nights later when the night of the U.S congressman passes votes to who they choose as their next candidate for vice president. Denzel has a crazy dream about being held captive and being brainwashed and having voodoo shit done to him along with his fellow soldiers.

He then begins to ask questions and digs deeper and investigates further until he finds a bloody small implant in the back of him. Denzel confronts Raymond on the findings but he obviously doesn’t believe it.

Denzel goes about trying to find out the truth and has weird dreams and has all matters of mental issues from gulf war syndrome, delusions and keeps tripping balls.

Like the old women next door with thousands of cats you think Denzel has lost it until you realise it turns into some brainwashing Freudian manipulative gunshot to the head and you think to yourself what rabbit hole are they going to go down next.

Anyhoo amigo,

Without spoiling the whole movie the main character U.S. Senator – Tom Jordan played by Jon Voight doesn’t know he is being controlled to be the next president.

Crazy shit really, just image that.


It makes you think of the stress real soldiers go through and they must come back to their families like this or worse become homeless because they can’t cope and fit back into society after their campaigns. I seen this on various YouTube ad vids where thousands of soldiers in the US are homeless its pretty shocking really.

The 1 crucial key thing you should take away from this film is that you should never give up on yourself and never give up on your dreams not to sound like some cheesy Tony Robbins wannabe about life but..

It’s mostly mindset and hustle that’s get you where you want to be.

Stay Hungry,


P.S I am trying this blogging thing everyday for the next 30 days so if you hate how I write then tough shit I am sticking to my guns.

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