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How Consistent Action and Mastery Is The Answer To Living A Fulfilled Life


So another night, another Netflix series.

I should really get rid of it been spending way too much time escaping into another world that have the monomyth in it.

I was watching an anime the other night.

Yes anime…

Sometimes I go through these phases where I watch anime.

I used to be a fanboy of Naruto and Bleach growing up when I was a kid kept it quiet because people think anime is weird in England.

I was watching Knights of Sidonia the other day.

I realise I always seem to write after a good movie and tv series.

Then I was thinking this morning after watching a season.

Yes a season.

This guy literally went from dwelling underground with no friends had nothing to becoming a guy living with a harem of women and being a badass pilot everyone looked up to.

knights of sidonia

Ohhh the Japanese with their fan service.


there are so many connotations to people’s real lives.

The guys out there living in the mom’s basement, the guys living in there one bed apartments and the guys who are lonely who have no friends.

What would make you come out of your hole?

Would you need to have cancer so you freak out about your life and say  f**k living like a sloth in your cave and go out to seek adventure…

Mostly likely.

When you’re afraid of dying would that move you forward with consistent action until you hit your goal and lived the life you choose and wanted to live.

Why the sudden change of heart amigo.

Is it the fear of going into graveyard living a life that’s unfulfilled.

Fear is good.

Fear tell us what we should be doing.

We don’t just put off our life today: we put off our lives till our deathbeds.

If you have a that gut feeling  about what you should be doing then go for it instead being a basement dweller.

Don’t let your fear of losing be greater than your excitement of winning and living a life that is your own.

So why did Nagate Tanikaze become such a badass?
knights-of-sidonia friends


  • He consistently pushed through resistance and any bullshit excuses he made or had.
  • He had a mentor his Grandad.
  • He honed his skills (more than 10,000 in a training simulator) .
  • He consistently took risks others wouldn’t take.
  • He failed and kept moving forward.
  • He consistently was problem solving and being creative in his thinking.
  • He became an expert in one area and not a jack of all trades.

This is what it takes to get to that next level in business and in your lifestyle.

“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much”. – Jim Rohn

Stay Hungry,


P.S If you want to watch the series Netflix is dead cheap but be warned though you can spend a lot of time on it instead hustling its up to you.

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