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How Pick Up Can Transform Your Business And Sales


A very short lesson or idea today It’s quite interesting really why pick up can pretty much improve most areas of your life.

The number one reason is it will boost your self-confidence and the fact you have a sex life keeps you at least a little bit more happy than when you were jacking yourself off to internet porn.

Lets be honest here some guys haven’t even felt a touch of a woman for months or have actually never had a girlfriend.

Maybe the only action they get is a drunk one night stand on a Friday that they can’t really remember because they were steaming or wasted for my american amigos.

You might be thinking wtf are you talking about but seriously to go out, be sociable, confident and get laid will help you in your day to day business activities.

There is no difference between pick up and sales.

Its nearly the same learning process:

Heavy research when you’re learning pickup =  heavy research when learning sales.

Actually going out and talking to people instead of just thinking about theory will get you results fast.

Sales = picking up the phone and getting face to face with prospects instead of being a chicken about it.

When learning you face your:

  • Fear of rejection
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of approach anxiety

Then you fine tune from your experience in the field and the hours racked up from learning as you go instead of sitting there with a plan that never goes ahead.

You fine tune your:

  • Voice and tonality
  • Go to stories
  • You learn how to close – kiss close,get numbers, logistics, escalation and how to be good in bed.

You might experience results get some feedback, learn from failure and improve by consistently taking action.

Then even more fine tuning and you get an expression of new ideas from your studies and get more experience in the field and try out new ideas to see if it will help you or hinder you.

If you want to make more money get laid more.

The biggest challenge for most guys in sales and business is motivation and the fear of rejection.

So picking up women you find hot will get you less nervous on the phones and in your life because you have dealt with bitch shields, groups of mixed sets and mother hens.

To reach your next level for your team and your own development you should all go out together as a crew and bond.

Go with your best buds and have a good time.

Pick up helps in a few areas:

  • To become a sociable guy
  • You learn how to control the frame and control the interaction.
  • Learn how to handle objections – this is called shit tests in pick up.
  • You learn how persuade and influence a group and individuals

Learning pick up and going out alone will next level your sales and your life.

Up your game.

Stay Hungry,


P.S I can remember the first ever pick up book I read it might of been your first as well. It was The Game by Neil Strauss it’s a bit gimmicky and not congruent to who I am anymore and I think most guys should be a catch but never the less a great starting point for guys trying to learn game.

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