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Living The Dan Bilzerian Lifestyle – Why he is living like a baller and you’re still in your mums basement.


Your one of those guys who are menvious of dudes like Dan who are living it up and balling then you seriously need to get your shit together.

Forget about his 3 heart attacks and party lifestyle.

This 30 odd year old playboy , venture capitalist , turtle riding, gun wielding, poker player is among few men who get a lot of haters but the more the merry I say.

If you have haters it means your doing one thing right which is …

Drum roll !! please.

Da dahhh.

1) You’re not being Mr Nice Guy.

Oh yes we all know who these guys are.

Basically they’re a little bitch.

The nice guys, its a condition in men who are always validation seekers and quite frankly are boring.

They avoid conflict at all costs doing so they underachieve in their personal and professional lives.

Stay away from these guys I would rather be called a douche bag by girls then the nice guy who never gets laid.

Dan doesn’t give a shit what others think and you shouldn’t too.

The fact is he gets pussy day in day out like we all love Facebook.

Every time you check your Facebook status he is probably knee deep in pussy.

So how does one become king among boys.

The reason he is where he is at today is because;

2) He’s taken the risks.

You should take risks too.


Grow some big cahoonas in your life, grow a pair, grow some big BIG BALLS and move forward with your mission, purpose and goals instead of freezing and getting all anxious about shit that doesn’t really matter.

It doesn’t matter what your parents think seriously if you live like your daddy told you to it’s not gonna get you anywhere but into a pit with losers who don’t live aligned with their own life and values.

Think of the rewards guys…

What do you want.

I will rephrase that whats the real reason you want to change?

Are you waking up excited to go to work?

If not get that shit sorted asap.

The more you risk, the more you stand to gain.

Is your health, wealth, love and happiness worth The RISK?

Take The Leap and Move Into THE UNKNOWN.

Stay Hungry,


P.S I could of giving a number of other reasons but at the end of the day to quote Og mandino -“Your dreams are worthless, your plans are dust, your goals are impossible. All are of no value unless they are followed by action.”

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