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Mindset Lesson 1 – The Universe Rewards Those Who Try.


What makes James Bond so incredible? Is it his ability to kill people, his ability to seduce women, his confidence, style and the way he carries himself.

No and no…

How does he keep going and chasing the bad guys and completing his missions?

james bond tux

Because he is an action taker.

What if 007 just did what most of us do which is be keyboard jockeys who masturbate to internet porn  and forgot the whole thing about taking action and got sucked into the realm of theoretical knowledge and had to have the perfect plan for his missions.

Where would he be now?

office space fat guy.

Probably some keyboard jockey at MI5.

When he is on mission he doesn’t sit on the sidelines like most guys do.

He takes action, gets feedback and adjusts to the situation at hand.

Theory is great but without any action it’s pretty worthless.

This is true for wantrepreneurs, people wanting to start there own business and side hustles.

Even just small stuff like going the gym and getting shape most guys put off.

Working Harder not smarter is the way.

Now I do love books like the 4 hour workweek but you should not be lazy and think you can outsource everything and see passive income streams and have push button technology at your fingertips.

The money doesn’t come knocking at your door guys seriously.

Ask yourself these questions:

How many books have you read that has made you any real money?

What knowledge have you applied towards making money?

Are books really just mental motivational masturbation?

The true answer is most likely yes for most people.

Most best selling books have hacked into our buying needs , motivation and cognitive biases.

If someone is out looking to buy a product or service, it’s probably because something has happened in their life that has triggered a new need to arise. Their psychology has driven them to get that need met.

Motivation is mostly irrational.

Most products and services are not the best rational choice.

We have so many fears, frustration and aspirations that we let it hold us back and sit there in a freeze response.

Actually I would 100% guaranteed most average Joe’s are not living in alignment with their true goals, values and purpose that when you see guys getting all depressed, not getting laid and feeling helpless trapped in their day job of dooms they just don’t know where to turn.

Why do I know that because I am one of them.

Yes I am.

I can be a sadass sometimes but hopefully a lot of time I can be a badass like James Bond.

What’s stopping most guys from taking action?

  •  Doubts
  • Fears
  • Uncertainties 

The fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of going out of your comfort zone you should acknowledge these as signs that your body is telling you should be doing it.

What starts as doubt becomes certainty.

The only thing left to do is to take action or forever dwell about it of what could have been.

They say hell is meeting the person you could of become.

I would agree.

Pick an action and go.

The universe rewards those who try.

Now quit wasting your time and take action!

Take action get results.

Shoot, aim, fire and adjust your fire, shoot again and accomplish your mission.

Stay Hungry,


P.S I am writing a blog post everyday for 30 days just for the hell of it. There will be alot of rants and rambling but its all in good fun boys and girls.

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