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On Fear – Being The Hunter Instead Of The Prey In Your Life


What drives you forward, what motivates you everyday to grind and hustle?

Are you one of the whiny guys out there who hate getting up for their 9-5 job who hits the snooze button and waits the very last second even if its means you’re rushed and late to go to work.

You think to yourself everyday what am I waking up for this bullshit day in day out.

Do you feel the anxiety in your life?

Are you stressed about where you are going and feel trapped or helpless of where you should be at.

I am with you on that.

Trust me when I say this but sometimes we all can feel lost in the ocean of life.

The current taking us strongly in the direction you didn’t want to go whether that be you’re family and society telling you this or that about whether you should get a secure job, go uni and retire rich when you’re old.

Do you feel like a prey in your own surroundings like the environment is constantly dictating your actions and beliefs.

Is society, media , friends and family putting pressure on you away from your true goals, mission and purpose of what drives you to live a life that could be more fulfilling.

Then stop and think it through before shit gets real and you wake up and think wtf am I doing with my life.

Its not your family, friends or society that are making you act that way.

Its all you amigo.

Its in your head.

Get your mind right and the rest will follow.

Seriously take 5 mins and think through your passions and ask yourself what drives you to wake up excited and have an end goal and most importantly a legacy worth remembrance.

If you are a prey to the environment and you’re playing the victim to your circumstances then stop and think deep and be mindful of your feelings.

Its mostly bullshit negative self talk.

You are not a victim.

Be the hunter not the hunted.

If you quit your job you’re not going to die you may go broke but fuck we all go broke at one point in our life and it might be the best decision you ever made.

Another point to be added is think of all the people who overcame adversities beyond 1st world problems we think we have so many issues at hand that we forget the bigger picture.

Most people who overcame adversity and hardships to become badasses and live a life that most people dream of didn’t do it being victims.

I can name a view:

  • Oprah
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Tony Robbins
  • John D. Rockefeller
  • Marcus Aurelius

I dig stoicism just a tad bit by the way.

Read the obstacle is the way by Ryan Holiday.

Mental motivational masturbation I know but awesome none the less and some great stories of people overcome great odds.


You should not have to be prey to your life.

Rule, control and dominate life.

Don’t be the guy who wasted his life and has regrets.

Instead of living in fear and dreaming of what could have been.

How can you become the hunter?

Numbro Uno – have a warrior’s ethos.

Live by a set rules you set and make yourself accountable.

Something like the 30 days to discipline where you have set of rules will make you into a badass if you can stick by it long enough to get rid of old and bad habits.

Also recap your thoughts on the rules you have set for yourself each day, write it on the wall  in your house and even do some affirmations.

I know, I know affirmations who the fuck does affirmations but they help none the less.

Sometimes I do feel like motivation is for pussies because you should be already at the work ethic and hustle level that motivation is just a by product of the work and hours you have already put into your business, health and social life.

Number 2 – Cut the negative shit out of your life.

If a friend crosses the line and is dragging you down cut them off period.

Don’t watch the news and don’t go on random internet websites I know I am being a little bit of a hypocrite here but most of it is negative B.S with shock and click bait stories.


Like Rocky says you are better than that amigo push through the resistance and go out of your comfort zone.

Stay Hungry,

P.S guys have a gander at Gorilla Mindset By Mike Cernovich – change your mindset change your life.

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