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On Having Clarity, Putting on Your Big Boy Pants and Dealing With Whiny Peeps.


You know when you have that moment when you feel all grown up and don’t do what your parents tell you to do.

You say no to things that people ask you to do because it’s just a time wasting task and they can’t be arsed to do the work themselves.

You gotta screw your colleagues and your boss sometimes to do your own thing that’s when you realise you are growing up and becoming your own You Inc.

You live with your mates (friends) or bird (girlfriend).

You live in the right city and you actually hustle and make bacon.

You don’t need respect from your mum, dad or friends to live your own life.

If you are not doing your own thing then you should be.

Its not all about making that bacon and stackin that cheddar though.

Money doesn’t buy happiness.

But… boys and girls I would rather be in the penthouse than in a shitty little one bed apartment by my bill.

Its about being a man in prime.

When I say this I mean someone who lives their life in accordance to their own terms and values.

Watch the vid ladies and gents.

Makes me laugh every time but Will Ferrell is speaking the truth though.

Most guys just go through the dailymotions and are waking up late rushing to work, hating there 9-5  job, being stressed and angry, not enjoying working hard and living for their liquid courage weekends, hangovers and being generally broke ass moaners.

There are some people in your circle and in life that you should avoid like the plague:

  • Fat people ( haters gonna hate I don’t care)  I am not saying I hate fat people I just think everyone should take pride in themselves and look after their bodies, eat healthy and not blame their genes like some idiots do.
  • People who can’t take a joke and just very slow to get it.
  • People who are just plain boring. If you don’t have any interests or hobbies your probs just not enjoying your life and having negative vibes because you’re doin jack shit, sort it out lads.
  • Lazy people who can’t be arsed to do anything interesting or even remotely exciting and stay in there man cave like some hikikomori.
  • Emotional/ train wreck girls you will find they just take too much of your time and I have also found in my sales job they are the most whiny and annoying customers, constantly asking questions and calling you all the time. If they ask way too many questions it’s a sign not to go forward with the sale because they will just a hassle you after you close them and have buyer’s remorse.

If you want to spend your weekends just going out and having bad hangovers and being broke then be my guest you’re not going to get ahead in life period amigo.

Have the balance of work smart and play smart not work hard and play hard.

You can’t do both matey.

You have immersion periods where you are kind of obsessed and consumed by your work and other times you just wanna chill and have a social life that’s fine.

I understand.

But in your 20s you should be making the most of your youth and energy levels because when you hit the wall of old age shit will get real.

You will find you put on weight and get a beer gut if you don’t look after yourself and you can’t party like a rockstar on weekends anymore.

It’s like those young party girls who have pizza, do coke and don’t do anything else in their youths but as soon as they’re older at their high school reunion you are thinking what the hell happened to her she used to be so hot..

Oh right I remember now she didn’t look after herself.


Getting of track a little bit but the main takeaways.

  • You shouldn’t care what others think
  • Forget the whiners and naysayers
  • Focus on your legacy and end-goal
  • Have fun, travel and have adventures
  • Get a job or your own business you actually enjoy and wake up excited about
  • Prioritize money over women
  • Give up that crap stuff that is not getting you anywhere or adding value to your  life ( loud cough*) porn, tv and video games.

“If you’re poor, you’re not allowed to have fun” – Mike Cernovich

This quote speaks the truth amigos.

I think if you can take into consideration the main takeaways, have the work ethic and discipline to work on your goals and get wiser each day.

You will have a superpower and habits that will make you into a badass.

Stay Hungry,


P.S  I will be posting an article every day for the next 30 days even if it’s completely useless gibberish.

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