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Searching For Happiness


Now I was watching a peculiar film last night which stars Shaun Of The Dead funny man Simon Pegg.

God that film still gives us the giggles when I watch it.

You can’t beat abit of British humour.


I came to realise after watching it that there is people like him just stuck.

Stuck with the mundane routines and the 9-5 grind.

Same shit, different day syndrome.

They have there J.O.Bs ( Just over broke) and want to follow there true passion or find there “calling” and fulfill their potentials with big dreams and fantasies.

Its all well and good having these big dreams but how in actual fact do you go about doing it instead of sitting on your arse and not moving forward with your goals.

If you’re bored, restless and are having no satisfaction with where you are then the only person who can change that is you.

It starts with your mindset first.

It’s never money problems, it’s never health problems, it’s never relationship problems, its mindset problems.

In the film Hector who is psychiatrist from London has got the same shit, different day syndrome where finds himself restless of what could have been instead of being in the now and goes off to find himself and is searching for what is happiness.

But what does he find?

Well amigo that happiness  is usually staring you in the face and you’re just too just blind to see it.

Its like having a scarcity mindset about money when it is evidently abundant in this world.

I think we should all be grateful though that we are alive and not dead.

We should feel gratitude towards our loved ones, family and friends.

Gratitude goes along way if we practice is everyday.

Happiness can be you hitting the gym putting stress on your body, getting that big sales close and being with a loved one and enjoying your time on adventures.

Its up to you how you define your happy life.

Take on daily habits, be consistent to live the life on your own terms and every day use good self talk, affirmations, bloody smile a lot and drop the negativity in your life.

I will leave you with a quote that resonates with me on why you must have the right mindset to live a life fulfilled and aligned with your own values and beliefs.

Watch the film its pretty funny as well by the way.

“Very little is needed to make a happy life; It is all within yourself,in your way of thinking.”  – Marcus “The Badass”  Aurelius.

Stay Hungry,


P.S I could have quoted Marcus Aurelius many times and could have gone on a little rant about his amazing book – Meditations but I will leave it you to have a gander at it.

Its a game changer.

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