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The Art of The Close – Why You Should Always Be Closing The Sale.


You are not paid to sell you are paid to close.

A salesperson is paid to close deals.

When value is exchanged for what you’re offering an agreement is made by both parties where the needs are confirmed and an arrangement is made that suits both parties.

This is the winner’s exchange.

Its a win win situation not you win and they lose.

Hopefully what you provide is worth some value and you can keep stacking it into a money making machine.

Real value is only demonstrated when you give them something tangible and is delivered e.g. an order confirmation.

The close is so important because unless you know how to close you will not get the order and stack that cheddar on your business, product or big idea.

The end game is the close and that is what I will be talking about.

The ultimate goal here is to get your prospect to have your product,service or idea.

The job of a closer can be reduced to one point which is getting the prospect to take action in exchange for something of value.

Each party should walk away happy and should have capitalized from the winners exchange.

You should know what,when,why and how you are closing the sale.

You should be able to direct and control your sales pitch by learning:

  • How to create urgency
  • How to handle objections and fears
  • Come across as expert
  • Learn how to stay in the deal
  • How to handle the toughest prospects
  • Persist and follow up on your prospects
  • And most important one of all ask for the order because most people don’t

Don’t blame the customer blame yourself for being boring and uninteresting to your prospect if you don’t get the order.

Fail forward and fail fast but don’t justify those bad results.

Its never the customers fault its because you don’t know jack shit and you don’t know what you’re doing half the time.

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” – Abraham Lincoln

Practice, practice, practice and learn from it.

Not many or even any practice there sales pitch they just make shit up on the spot and think they are cosy doing the minimum amount of work required to bring in orders.

Learn from your experience and pay attention to what is happening in you’re sales calls.

A sale is made on every call and you should be motivated enough and have the mindset that you can close every call.

When on your sales pitch whether that be face to face or on the phone take notes, drill and role play.

Yes role play.

Knowing what causes the close is so important and what is creating that success in the first place can make you a zero to hero sales superstar.

Most sales people stumble into a close and get all excited and forget how they got there and can’t repeat the results.

Don’t be the individual who is stumbling through life not knowing.

Be able to predict the close so you can predict the future having some sales strategy.

Observe what is happening, practice,drill and rehearse.

Be prepared for every possibility and hustle hard.

Harvey" The Closer " Specter

With certainty comes confidence with more confidence you get more sales.

More sales comes more momentum.

If you know the game you can control your life and the outcome of your sales results.

You become more valuable to your company, to yourself and your peers.

Have a commitment and discipline to practice, rehearse and drill on how to close.

You must know how to deal with your customers.

You must know who your customers are.

You must know the demographics of your customers, their buying needs, their interests and hobbies, what they look for, will they buy once or become part of your tribe and repeat customers etc etc.

You must always keep increasing your knowledge base.

Invest your time to learning.

You don’t have to learn from your experience.

Prepare before game time like most pros do.

Don’t learn on the sales call like most people do.

Study before the situations to get better results just image if you broke down every sales call.

Boiler Room is an awesome film.

If you play chess or play sports at a high level you understand its the key component to becoming a better player and athlete.

Treat your sales career seriously like your an elite athlete and your representing You Inc.

It will make you laugh at times some of the bizarre nonsense you come with up on the spot  when you record your sales calls as well.

When you haven’t got any rehearsed lines or phrases to common customer interactions and questions you can’t progress.

You got to have your go to closes, questions, stories to handle certain objections to your product and service.

The more you learn the more you earn amigo.

Selling isn’t a numbers game to a certain extent but there is a science to increase your sales results.

Read books like Zig Ziglar, Spin Selling and check out Jordan Belfort’s Straight Line Persuasion  it’s a game changer.

Go do the research , study and learn and make smart analyses and implement it into your selling processes.

To get smarter results you don’t have a limit the number of closes you can learn. Learn an array and have some in your stock pile when you are dealing with tough prospects.

life is like this, I prefer it to be way higher - Dream BIG.

Remember those  who can close deals love life because they can make bank and go after what they want in life.

Think realistically big not just some obscene number you think you might make this month in sales and be consistent with your target throughout the year.

Don’t be average keep growing your sales year on year.

Not just hit and miss and know that you have your safety blanket and security because “you have been there for years”.

Say your on £60k a year salary plus commission you want to get to an £80k salary thats small thinking think a little bigger seriously you should hustling your ass off if you’re serious about sales and determined about leaving a legacy.

Don’t compare yourself to others in your company either.

Compare yourself to the 1% ballers in your industry and find out how they got there.

Find out who are your industry ballers who crush it  and copy them.

Copy their habits and routines, get in contact with them, meet them and ask smart questions.

Closing can be classed as an art of its own  through persuasion and influence but it can be learned by hard work  and persistent action so go out there and make some sales calls!!

Stay Hungry,


P.S I am just reading at the moment The Miracle Morning For Salespeople by Hal Elrod and Ryan Snow and I will try implement the strategies in this book and write a review at a later date.

The Closers Survival Guide by Grant Cardone – Given credit where it is due.

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