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The Catch – Why Women Chase Guys Who Have A Life


Ever thought of having a new girl each month?

Ever imaged girls picking you up at the bar?

Seems like a dream…

A mile away doesn’t it.

The other day I was chatting with friend of mine who brought it up.

How does a guy become a catch to the ladies.

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks why am I not a catch then.

Why the hell aren’t most guys trying to be a catch and getting their friends to refer them to the hot girls.

Oh wait most guys don’t have any girl mates do they.

Lets get real here its probably because there life either sucks balls and they add no value to any interaction with women or just masturbate to midget porn.

Yeah am pointing to you my internet hombre.


The 5 key things to what makes guy a catch compliments from a girl mate ( friend) of mine.


   1.They look after themselves

   2.They have a social life

   3.They like fun, adventure and travel

   4.They are high achievers

   5. They have their shit together


1. Looking after yourself

You can be a ugly fuck due to not looking after yourself being all tramp like not shaving. Please don’t have some weird terrorist beard.

Don’t get me started on bad breath as well.

You go to a club and you don’t look after your teeth you’re not going to pull looking like a hillbilly either.

Getting off topic abit but the mains point of looking after yourself include:

  • Clean shaved or an epic beard like ironandtweed.com follow his advice on how to dress well too.
  • Get a haircut from the barber’s ( an expensive one if you can).
  • Look after your skin.
  • Hit the gym I pretty much use this 70s Routine each week.
  • Eat as clean as you can but you can have the occasional beer.

2.They have a social Life

Ok I am talking to the guys who have no friends or barely any.

Look if you don’t like that you are a lonely bastard do something about it then change your friends, move out of your mom’s place and move to new city and go out and be the new guy in town.

Having social life means having a group of guys and girls you socialise and have fun with.

Social game is what guys who can’t be arsed to go out alone or hate cold approach like some pua do that’s fine.

In social game you can get a FB or girlfriend for sure. Easier said than done but in college you can run game pretty much most nights.

When you have a social life you will get referred by girl mates for new hook ups because you are not just popular but add value to their group and life.

The key is to add value to everything you do in your life not just your social circle.

Don’t be a leech and suck out negative vibes and be a weirdo with no emotional IQ either.

I am coming from experience where I spent a few months anxious, scared even to go out alone when I moved to a new place.

Push through the fear early before you become a “victim of your circumstances” and some whiny scared character from your usually horror movie you watch at Halloween struggling to fight.

3.They like fun ,adventure and travel

Have you even been out of your own country?

No then get on the plane and go to place you have never been to.

Go on a lads holidays not to get pissed but for the banter if you have never been on one you will remember it for a long time.

Visit places for the culture and to make new friends in different countries.

You might be asking why do that Andy when I am Danny big bollocks in my town here.

I laugh at them kind of the people because you have not experienced what the world has to offer .

Look move forward with your mission, find your own place to call home and seek the call to action, fun, freedom and travel.

You Know..

The important thing here you must learn from this little rant and article is that women pursue  guys who have their shit together, who respect themselves, who are confident in everything they are doing and have everything aligned to their own path and are very grounded individuals.

Not some pussy who lives with there mum, eats like shit, doesn’t exercise, has never been out of there city or town, has no girl mates, a low paying job and no social circle.

Who doesn’t want to see one of the wonders of the world.

Go Thailand to a moonlight party or where they shot The Beach the movie.

Rent a villa with your best buds in Spain for mad weekend.

Go Venice with the misses.

Go skydiving, go on the bull run in Spain.

Live a little guys.

You have only one life make the most of it don’t squander the gift and live a life which is on your own terms and no one else’s.

But Andy this costs a shit ton of money no it doesn’t Jesus you can find deals everywhere.

Airbnb , skyscanner and read some books to hack your travel too.

You can also work while you travel as well.

Work by teaching English in schools across the world, get a freelance gig and work online find what you strengths and go from there.

4. and 5. They are high achievers and have their shit together.

Its easy to see who are the pussies out there through how a guy carries himself, his posture, body language and his voice.

You dress to impress and show up not because you are there to pay the bills but you want to be there hustling for your own worthy cause and legacy.

Most guys won’t or for better of the word are scared to start there own business or side hustle.

You know why?

They have crazy excuses, over complicate the simple shit and mentally masturbate over the details and plans and over glorify the “guys who have it made”.

They are just normal guys like you and me.

They are not lucky they made their own luck.

You wanna know what real hustle looks likes.

It’s getting up 5am working on your side business for an hour or two, writing your goals for the day, eat healthy and going to work motivated to make that bacon that is your own.

You come home not overthinking it and you dive in the deep end and learn as you go.

Rule of thumb – Keep it simple stupid.

In everything you do, flow is important and the constant killer of most people’s dreams is constantly over thinking instead of action taking.

You don’t want to be the old man with regrets now go do you.

Late night rant over.

Stay Hungry,


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