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12 Habits To Stick By


How does one become a go-getter and strives to better himself each day?

Well, first thing firsts take responsibility for your actions don’t go through life not knowing what you want. You hear immature brats when asked what do you want to do “ahh … I don’t know”. Get a grip you do know you’re just lying to yourself and keeping it quiet being a scared little boy.

Don’t keep quiet, live, state your intentions and answer yes or no instead of being indecisive.

If you set goals and deadlines meet them and do nothing in moderation.

Personally I know what it’s like to fail over and over from not giving it your best shot so it’s best to get your arse in gear, graft and hustle hard in your 20s because when you’re in prime late 20s and in your 30s you can reap the rewards from the self-discipline and habits you have built up when you were younger to have a better life.

Research conducted by a university suggested that it takes 66 days to break or have new habits so stick this through till the bitter end and see the results or change in you.

Masakatsu Agatsu – “true victory is victory over oneself”

On a side note before starting these new habits,motivation is not how people change their lives. To change your life we must first change our habits.

The journey towards a life you enjoy and look forward to waking up to is doing what you want and seriously committing oneself to changing your current shitty habits that have the capacity to come between you and your dreams.

Ok, let’s get started as Confucius said a journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. But Only until you take that first step can we begin.

Habit 1: Become a morning person

Most people feel groggy in the mornings, rushing , barely excited to wake up and hit the snooze button. I don’t, I try at least to wake up 2- 3 hours before work to get ready for my day.

Sleep is crucial for getting up earlier if you go bed at 12 it’s likely you won’t get up till 8 so the earlier the better I try to get to bed around 10ish and it takes me an hour or so to settle.

One thing I try not to do it have my laptop or phone in bed and have that distraction.

The morning either makes or break your day.  It’s best just to start it positively and in the right way.

My usual morning routine looks like this:

  • Wake up 6ish
  • Get out of bed, have coffee which wakes me up and get in gym gear which is usually laid out
  • Go gym listening to a good audiobook like Mike Cernovich Gorilla Mindset or music such as Five Finger Death Punch Or Amon Amarth. I usually run to the gym it’s about 5 mins away
  • After lifting heavy and doing cardio I get in the sauna and then get a cold shower or go home get a shower
  • When at home get breakfast and start reading a book
  • Write in my journal and write my thoughts for the day to increase my mental clarity
  • Prep sales targets for work
  • Go work

If you simply just roll out of bed put your gear on and grab a coffee and head out how is that setting your mood for the entire day? Not so much right, actually it’s going to make you terribly negative and moody.

Even simple steps to improve your morning will drastically help your health and mood such as simple stuff like getting your clothes ready for the next morning and not having your phone as an alarm and having a proper alarm etc.

I find my best months in sales have been when I constantly go gym in the morning, had food, read for half an hour and jotted down my thoughts for the day.

If you haven’t already got a morning routine then start one immediately.

I would read Hal Elrod’s book for sure if you haven’t had a look already.  It has literally increased my productivity tenfold.

Also on a sidenote, a great way to track your day and make sure you are progressing monthly is something I use which is called http://thehabitsheet.com.

Habit 2: Exercise

Your health is priority numero uno.

I usually hit the gym and lift weights 3-5 times a week with cardio.

It does not always have to be about lifting weights or getting jacked. Some like to run, some prefer martial artist and boxing just do something physical instead of staying in the house being a couch potato.

I recommend reading Get Serious By Dr. Brett Osborn and Listening to Alexander Juan Cortes new podcast.

There is enough info out there I am sure guys are aware of. It’s vital to at least do some form of exercise for your general health.

I find gym a good stress reliever and as a side benefit getting in shape doesn’t hinder your chances with birds. Also, it’s another form a self-discipline.

For me,I like to keep in shape all year round. Every now and then I will change my gym routine usually I would stick with it for more than 5-6 months to see if it makes a real impact or difference.

I am no expert or claim to be I am just your average joe so that’s why I would check from a personal trainer and my recommended sources.

Habit 3:  A book a week

You gotta have brains and brawns.

A book a day I found out from Tai Lopez and James Swanwick revolutionised the way I read forever. It’s mind blowing how I didn’t know about this before.

The basic rule is you don’t have to read every single word from the book. Take gold nuggets out of the book. James Altucher offers a monthly sub for his insights into certain books if you’re interested go check http://www.thealtucherreport.com. You don’t have to read every bloody page.

Here is the breakdown of the system I use:

Sit down on the couch and don’t get up until you finish the book.

  1. Read the cover and back first
  2. Read the contents page
  3. Go Wikipedia and read book info and author info
  4. Formulate on opinions and conclusions
  5. Start to read the book scanning, skimming and speed reading the first line of each paragraph until you finish
  6. Study the book in depth if it’s something of interest

I am in the processing of doing this with Mishima On Hagakure and a few others.

I do usually slow down my speed reading if I find something of interest and then highlight it so when I come back to check out the book. I can quickly go through it in minutes rather than an hour or so.

It sometimes hard, however, to read a book a day so that’s why a book a week is somewhat more realistic. I am sure you will reap the rewards with vastly improved knowledge and vocabulary.

Just think about all that knowledge you’re learning and how you can articulate those ideas of great minds throughout history into your conversations with peers making you into a more well-rounded person.

Habit 4: Eat healthy foods

On top of exercising nutrition is key, I kinda follow a cheap diet to get ripped. There is plenty of step by step guides out there to get your own meals and cooking decent food.

Basic rule for me is eat 3 meals a day and If you’re trying to bulk up its fine to have more meals than that.

Most important thing is just cut the junk food, snacking, sugar and fizzy drinks and most importantly the booze. You can have cheat meals say on Sunday when you treat yourself but only do it if you deserve it.

Habit 5: Have exciting hobbies and interests

Try something new e.g. salsa class ,extreme sports and team sports. Hobbies and interest also are another social circle. Personally, I skateboard and play basketball.

Habit 6 : Cut the negative mass media and video games

Cut the cord to TV, news, clickbait sites, and media e.g. celebrity shit like Towie or love island in the UK are just garbage and crap. They are retarded idiots on that show and it just dumbing you down like a sheep.

I barely read the news and watch tv. Usually, it’s just boring dramas, sex news, fearmongering and trivial stuff. Not saying cut it all out there is just somethings you like to watch but don’t be one of those guys who love escapism.

This also includes video games such as Pokemon Go which I see lads my age playing which is just sad and stumping your growth.

I used to be a geek in college playing Call of Duty and even WOW at some point but you realise it just a form of escapism and you grow a pair of balls and start talking to people in real life.

Instead, why not play the best game in the world which is living your life and going out there chasing tale, making bank and hustling hard.

“Life is a like video game. You can be the designer, the director, and the main character or you can allow others to assume those roles.” – @theQSLman

Habit 7: No internet porn or masturbation

You have probably heard of the NOFAP Challenge and sexual transmutation from Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill well they’re both right. You will have more energy and you will feel the need to get laid instead jacking off as being a substitute.

Watch a TED talk called The Great Porn Experiment its shows that all over the world men are getting addicted to porn just like any other addiction with showing signs most commonly serotonin, endocrines, or dopamine activity in the brain. It looks like you are being over stimulated which is common with drug users who are looking for their next fix.

Habit 8: Invest in yourself

I got this from Tai Lopez a while back before he completely blew up but spend 30% of your income on investing in yourself whether that be in books, seminars, learning new skills, taking a course etc. It will help you growth exponential in every area of your life. I know that’s hard for some living paycheck to paycheck and some are in debt but trust me focus on yourself and not on others and status is Slavery.

The human brain is not designed to remain unchallenged, in a docile state of carefree existence like that of a sheep or a snail. Its intricacy and complexity are designed for continual self-improvement and expansion. Investing in yourself is the best investment you can do and it will not only improve your life , you will add and improve the lives of others around you.

Habit 9: keep a journal

It’s good to keep a journal to articulate your feelings and thoughts somewhere, keep an update on your progress in life and to look back on how much improvement and progress you have made in your life plan.

I use my google drive for this because I found that when you keep your diary in your room some folks will be intrusive and look through your private thoughts.

Habit 10: Have an artistic and creative side

Learn a musical instrument,  draw and take photographs etc. We all have a creative and artistic side with us and I am sure everyone would not mind learning to play a musical instrument. Whether that be in art, music , photography or writing use your time wisely to invest in yourself. I used to love playing drums, trumpet and creating music when I was younger. Now I play chess online, I created my web logo and website and write when I can it has however been a while lol.  I got a lot of stuff on my google drive that was just downright crap or incomplete and I just never had the balls to publish.

Habit 11: Learn a foreign language

Spend a month or two to learn the basics to new foreign languages if you are like me then travel and immerse yourself in a foreign place you learn the culture and language a lot faster this way. I recently went Madrid with friends and we spent a few days immersing ourselves in that beautiful city.

Habit 12: Try new things

Be spontaneous every once in awhile life is short so try that new restaurant down the road with your friends and family, go on that trip around Europe you always wanted to do etc. Be persistence with the 66 days until you succeed. It’s not about saying YOLO to everything it’s doing stuff that’s exciting that you always wanted to do but never had the balls to do. The more you get out of your comfort zone the better.

Now all these habits are a lot to take in but start small first with habit 1 and work your way down and try to stick to as many as you can each month.

As Jim Rohn would say “ A few simple disciplines practiced every day can help you further down the road”.

You will see positive results in a short period of time if you follow through.

In a day there are 1,440 minutes and that’s 86,400 ticks of the clock.

The poor and wealthy have the same 24 hours but use them differently. Today with the right attitude you can seize the day. Today doesn’t care about yesterday’s failures or tomorrow’s regrets it merely offers 24 hours to get shit done.

The smallest of habits practiced every day can start an incredible process that can change our lives for the better.

“There are no statues built to those who lived lives of mediocrity, and on the tomb of no heroes will you find the words, he played it safe” – John Romaniello


The Five major pieces to the life puzzle by Jim Rohn

Recommended Reading

30 Days to Discipline By Victor Pride

The Miracle Morning By Hal Elrod



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