No One Is Coming to Save You

Vincit qui se vincit.


It’s Like they say who is coming to rescue you?

No one.

Let’s face the facts.

Let’s face it in movies you have seen the protege coming getting dragged out of his miserable mundane existence by someone.

Is this the case in real life?

No, not a chance.

There is no Morpheus from matrix coming to help you.

There is no Obi-Wan Kenobi who will come guide you.

Champions are made they are not born. Not one champion who ever lived did not believe in himself. You have to be the same.

You don’t wanna go insane like some freak shows such as Tyler Durden or Elliot from Mr. Robot.
It’s just you vs you.
No one else is going to drag you out of the pit except yourself or would you rather just be a guy filling the office space with a warm body and having that security blanket your parents gave you.

There is help to a certain extent for the younger guys out there. This is defined by your disciplined habits built up over time and the people you hang with who will either hinder and help your growth.

Things that can help:

  • Gym
  • Books for men
  • The stoics
  • Meetups
  • Social group
  • Therapy
  • Hobbies and interest

This is a bit general but I don’t care but the most important thing is I remind myself  to K.I.S.S ( Keep It Simple Stupid).

Don’t over complicate matters and over think your life. If you in your 20s like me lost in the abyss then start with simple steps first.

Why aren’t most guys serious about their lives? why have such high expectations is all  a matter of the wrong mindset to motivate yourself.

To the guys who gave up a long time ago, why are you playing the victim trying to push paper about, escape reality playing video games, boozing, even being socially alienated and watching far too much porn.

This is also written to myself who is ambition but lacks the discipline.

You and I made that choice a long time ago. Is it really ok to give up?

You gotta cut that negative shit out.

Inaction is putting guys into an early grave before their fathers.

This is a crisis.

The millennial man has no role models and mentors to fill the void of the ever seeking masculine virtue and identity.

You can’t blame matriarchy, society, family and women for your problems so choose to go your own way.

I know sometimes the bitter taste of the red pill can make some guys lose focus from the bigger picture and be angry gym goers.

Sometimes you have step up and be your own hero.

You can’t help anyone until you’ve first helped yourself

Recommended Reading

The Nine Laws By Ivan Throne


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