A Focused Mind is a Focused Life

labor omnia vincit.


We think thousands of thoughts a day bad and good. We have routines and habits that we do daily without thinking like a robot. Some actions are on a conscious level others are unconscious this all affects the way we feel and think.

I am about to talk about focus in a few different ways. Why? Because most people don’t focus enough on themselves and get distracted in their day-to-day hazy living.

Change begins with one thought. As Confucius would say a thousand steps begin with a single step. New thoughts lead to new choices, new behaviour leads to a new process which changes our mentality, physicality and biology for better or worse.

With determined willpower and a strengthened mind, you can achieve what you want in this life. Sometimes the change of habits is too small to be felt until they are too strong to be broke. Such as cases we see men taking their own lives and being depressed and having a fixed, negative, scarcity mindset about their life problems and situation.

As our thoughts are what we focus on how can we enable our self to hone our focus?

Just what is focus?

Focus can be paying attention to a particular task at hand. A focused mind is one which has a clear vision, a set mission and goals to strive towards each and every day. I put as the subtitle the latin phrase labor omnia vincit this is because with focus comes disciplined and momentum built with a steadily improved work overtime in all areas of your life.

With modern living come distractions, instant gratification and actions which inhibit ourselves to move forward and strive for an improved self. Some people focus on what to do at hand to meet their basic needs.

Most winners pick pain before pleasure. As expediency is seen to pull a man in one direction. Thus sometimes it can even promote anxiety of indecision.

Here are few different ways a more focused mind can help:

1.Harnesses your energy towards a desired goal

Energy can be wasted on good or bad stuff. Energy can sap or it can liberate us.  We can be prepared, be present which will ultimately lead to things happening for the better. They are always haters and time vampires. Also, negative people who really don’t add value to your life should be cut period. All your energy should be used positively towards work, the people you care about and your health. You have to be selfish sometimes if you want to get ahead instead of stagnating. 

2. Develops ideas and bears them fruit

Most people are waiting for the light bulb moment instead of actually doing the grunt work and sitting down and doing just a little each day. You always see those friends who say they will do something e.g. I want to write a novel one day or I am working on a novel. Then you realise it’s been years since he actually made any progress on shit. Some even come with business plans and some minor details and don’t even backtest it. James Altucher has great books and a article about becoming an idea machine that I would check out. There are communities such as the fastlane forum which has go-getters who don’t piss about and get on with action taking instead of being wantrepreneurs.

3. Brings clarity to a target and mission

Has anyone really sat you down and ask what you want to be in 10 years? What does that look like how does your life look?properly not. But Its good to keep a log and keep track where you should be going. Some may even lose themselves in the abyss as the saying goes. Try not to make excuses. The book efficiency is also a great source of inspiration if you are looking for ideas for a job, career and side income.

4. Helps to level up your life

Some don’t realise you’re being conditioned and programmed to think a different way. If you concentrate on your end goal and the bigger picture you should see where you are going. 

What should we focus on?

  • First, identify your priorities.
  • Discover your personality and talents.

What do you work colleagues, friends and family say you’re good at? What do you actually get obsessed about to the point you forget the time when you’re in deep work.

How does your personality fit with your work?

You got to think of all this to make sure you are in the right profession and job.

  • Develop your dream.

Sticking to one thing you are talented at and working towards your mission can be hard but to endure the trials and tribulation you will see that the hard work and effort is worth it. Most don’t do this.

  • Develop your end goal.

Leave a legacy worth remembering and think about your family and kids. That’s if you want kids, how will your business, work and life affect them. 

How do you stay focused?

There are several great reads on this on the internet from the people I follow such as monk modeIt does involve some form of discipline by eliminating actions that are not adding any value to your life.

1. Remove distractions – Anything in your house that is distracting remove.If it does not add value then it’s providing negatives. Get rid of Netflix, don’t go on social media so much, unsubscribe you Xbox live for a few months, don’t watch so much porn, cut down the booze on the weekends. Hangovers can cut your productivity down to zero on weekends.

2. Make time for value-adding activities – Meditation if necessary, make time for some reading, not many actually finish a book or even make time for hobbies and interests. For me I changed from playing video games to playing chess, TV to reading novels, Netflix and chill to going to the gym.

3. Clear your space and keep items worth focusing on – I am not into that feng shui bullshit or anything like that. Just keeping a tidy home and office/desk can improve your mental clarity. 

4. Set goals and journal – I used a habit sheet a year or two ago and it helped tremendously to increase my focus and productivity tenfold. I should get back on it those were the days when I got shit done and smashed sales targets and stopped trying to find myself and instead tested myself. 

5. Question your progress – Always be asking this question e.g. was I better today then I was yesterday if the answer is no then change what you are doing. Developing awareness of where you are going and what you are doing will help. 

However, there is no point complaining that you’re not where you are because of this or that reason in the past.

Rather than complain about it, accept responsibility for what comes into our lives and work on ourselves.

There is plenty of people who had it way worse than you who had far more struggles and bullshit thrown in their face than some millennial entitled brats these days.  The main point is if you didn’t go to bed a better man than yesterday then you not doing justice to yourself.

Stay strong,



Thinking for a Change  – John Maxwell

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